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What is the solution you are building and how is it addressing the problem?

The GSC Platform provides GSC ERP 3.0 – A blockchain-backed supply chain management software. Through 3 key features, the GSC Platform brings a streamline supply chain process for users:

  • Smart Purchases: the purchaser implements his purchase orders into the blockchain as a smart contract.
  • IT Platform: tools dedicated to the buyer to work easier and faster.
  • Parts Traceability: spare parts’ tracker into the blockchain.

GSC ERP 3.0 creates a bridge between current ERPs like SAP, Oracle or Sage in order to secure and develops businesses without issues or delays.

The GSC Platform cuts scroll time by two to 14 days and turn the plus $4M expenses for a company with 10 purchasers to $12K with a business security increased and an automation of purchases thanks to blockchain technology.

Describe how the OriginTrail protocol fits in with your solution architecture?

We are looking to implement our blockchain solution in a solid protocol that understands supply chain challenges.

What are your relevant previous achievements?

Lean manufacturing implementation and project management for the French government (modifications on civil and military aircraft for a French national institution).

Describe your previous experience with the OriginTrail protocol.

I have been in contact with your team through Josh Campbell, my CBDO.

Describe the problem you are solving.

Our product cuts current supply chain process issues such as centralized database, lack of trust between purchasers and suppliers, and transparency about transactions and the origin of spare parts, thanks to blockchain technology. This reduces cost and time in purchasing management through the automation and self execution of purchase orders (Industry 4.0), analyses and brings relevant and valuable information for purchasers concerning their suppliers' portfolio. The purchasing department manages up to 80% of their company’s expenses in any industry, from SMEs to the big corporations. This department is in the heart of its company. Some figures:

  • Average scroll time to proceed to a purchase order is: 30 days;
  • Average purchasing management cost per purchase order is $120 to $350: for a 10 purchasers company with an average of 5 purchase orders per day is between $1.44M and $4.2M.

How do you plan to scale your idea?

By using a powerful protocol perfectly fitted for the SCM. We are aiming also to offer our solution to current ERPs such as Oracle, Sage or SAP to reach global adoption of our solution.

Why should OriginTrail and our community choose your idea amongst others?

We are the unique project in the blockchain field to deal with purchasing management and we are professionals who know what the business field challenges are for the purchasers in both SMEs or big corporations.