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What is the solution you are building and how is it addressing the problem?

The ISTMOS monitoring platform allows stakeholders involved in the supply chain of bottled wine to monitor the most critical parameters affecting wine quality during its storage and transportation, delivering traceability information down to the level of each individual bottle. The platform includes complex-event processing, rule and alert management and an analytics engine. We employ monitoring stations (fixed for storage and mobile for transportation) and collect and analyse the information on our own IoT platform, which is powered mainly by FIware technologies. Up to now, the communication between our stations and the cloud is implemented using the Soracom IoT communication platform, providing security and reliability to our system. For different usages, we provide desktop and mobile user interfaces.

Describe how the OriginTrail protocol fits in with your solution architecture?

Our use case certified product care, immutably records storage and transportation conditions to back a certification procedure with a secure product passport for each bottle. In addition, the product passport will be used for exploring recycling possibilities, i.e. returns to wholesaler. The use case includes wine producers, wine distributors and the umbrella wine association. OriginTrail is a blockchain agnostic platform solution for easy set up blockchain supported data sharing in supply chains. It may provide significant value to our solution, as it offers seamless and automatic data connection and interoperability between different stakeholders with consensus mechanisms for ensuring integrity of data.

What are your relevant previous achievements?

ASN has been very active during the past months in promoting ISTMOS through participation in industry exhibitions, conferences and innovation showcase events. Major events in which ISTMOS was presented are:

  • IoT World Congress (Barcelona, Spain), October 2016
  • Websummit (Lisbon, Portugal), November 2016
  • 4YFN (Barcelona, Spain), February-March 2017
  • SXSW (Austin, Texas, USA), March 2017
  • CeBIT (Hannover, Germany), March 2017
  • Sente.Link accelerator (Chicago, USA), August 2017
  • WARP NB IOT Accelerator (Krakow, Poland), September 2017
  • WARP NB IOT Accelerator (Krakow, Poland), September 2017
  • Deutsche Telekom IOT congress (Athens, Greece), November 2017
  • H2020 enrich USA Innovation Tour Silicon Valley (S. Francisco, California), January 2018

ISTMOS was accelerated in its first phase by FIWARE and we continue to have a close cooperation with the FIWARE foundation, as one of its success stories. In addition, we have established a strategic cooperation with the Japanese IoT communications company Soracom and we work together regarding marketing activities as one of SORACOM’s case studies. We are closely cooperating with Deutsche Telecom and Greek COSMOTE in the area of NB-IOT validation.

ISTMOS was selected by Symbiote and Agile-Iot H2020 projects in their recent open calls.

Describe your previous experience with the OriginTrail protocol.

ASN is a member of Trace Alliance, and has already taken the first steps regarding integration of OriginTrail to ISTMOS IoT platform. We have also included OriginTrail in some recent R&D proposals.

Describe the problem you are solving.

Maintaining appropriate conditions in the storage and transport of sensitive and perishable food products is an age-old problem for food supply chains. Many types of goods can be easily damaged by undue variations in temperature conditions while others can be severely affected by shocks or excessive duration of transport. The impact from unsuitable transport and storage conditions for wine is far greater than the mere cost of damaged goods, as it also includes brand damage for companies across the supply chain - wine producers, wholesalers, retailers and logistics companies. The feedback we have collected to date from wine producers, wine experts, authorities, wine lovers, wholesalers, retailers and specialised logistics companies indicates that the size of problem we address is very large – – nearly 5% of bottled wine worldwide is damaged and up to 25% is affected and presents quality problems due to improper storage conditions, 20% of the quality wine consumed worldwide is counterfeit.

How do you plan to scale your idea?

We foresee direct and indirect distribution. In the first phase, we are mostly distributing directly, with the support of multiplicators, like wine cooperatives and associations. In the second phase, and after the successful completion of the product passport concept, we will build a sales partner network, to support international scaling. We defined two partner categories:

  • Sales partners: they will be selling our projects (hardware) and get a commission on cloud service fees.
  • Consulting partners: they will offer value added services, like installation and first level support.

Recently, ASN has signed an agreement with our first consulting partner, an internationally active telecommunication provider. Vertical expansion is our second pillar for scalability. We are already developing variants for the ice cream industry and olive oil supply chain.

Why should OriginTrail and our community choose your idea amongst others?

ISTMOS involves different actors of the food supply chain. Farm (wine co-operatives), food processors (the participating wineries), wholesalers and retailers and strong multiplicators (wine producer associations) are part of our ecosystem and will get acquainted and disseminate the benefits OriginTrail has to offer. In addition, the collaboration with Origintrail will offer interesting novel business models beyond the point of purchase. It will allow for continuing to safeguard product integrity post-purchase (storage conditions, sealed status and authenticity), thus further maintaining the product passport on behalf of the consumer.