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South Africa



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What is the solution you are building and how is it addressing the problem?

Disrupting the supply chain offering food with impact.

Our solution: transparent and fair exchange captured using the blockchain.

Hereby we focus on carbon, people and economic or in other words. Direct trade, fair pay, gender equality and carbon insights.

We also capture data on the agri-food business in Africa, which is a need overall in the continent.

According to the metric provided by the Fork, we selected two suitable partner farms for our blockchain pilot. We start our pilot with our partner farm in Malawi, since most of their processes are already structured and well administered. Furthermore, being a South African company partnering with a farm from Malawi contributes to the development of the African continent. Additionally, they have a branch in Belgium and considering our tech partners have branches in the Netherlands this seems a good fit.

Describe how the OriginTrail protocol fits in with your solution architecture?

We are in the early stage and we would like to build the blockchain layer. Origintrail is in line with our mission to disrupt conventional supply chains by utilizing technology in general, and the blockchain in particular.

What are your relevant previous achievements?

No achievements yet specifically within the tech side of our business.

Describe your previous experience with the OriginTrail protocol.

No previous experience

Describe the problem you are solving.

80% of the total agri-food products value is going to a handful of big multinationals.
Farmers only earn 3% of the retail price - far below the living wages.
Quality of agri-food products are compromised by the low prices in the industry.
Gender inequality - women earn less than men and are not in leadership positions.

Many farmers are investing in new technologies that can help increase production and efficiency at the farm level, but the uptake of digital trading technology has been slower. As a result, farmers are losing out on the opportunity to increase their share of profit earned along the agricultural value chain. Especially in Africa, there is no data available and a need for data in the agri-food industry.

Blockchain technology enables small-scale farmers to participate in the global market by transacting with less middleman, reducing distribution costs, creating financial security and increasing supply chain transparency.

How do you plan to scale your idea?

We would like to start our pilot with one partner farm. We will finetune the pilot project before rolling it out to our other partner farms in the same country. Followed by the rollout to tea partners in other countries. This requires similar steps, however there are other parties in the supply chain. We start with one product category - tea - and eventually apply this to all our product categories.

Why should OriginTrail and our community choose your idea amongst others?

We are differentiating ourselves as we focus on trade between Southern countries. We are based in South Africa and would be the first brand in SA that has used the blockchain to create transparency in their supply chain. We also aim to use the tool to create more insights into gender inequalities. There is a need for data collection on the African continent, by implementing this tool, we can help to make a start to collect data.