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What is the solution you are building and how is it addressing the problem?

HydraWarehouse is a SAAS solution for warehouse management. It offers unique service for warehouse operations that is easy to deploy and use.

Describe how the OriginTrail protocol fits in with your solution architecture?

OriginTrail protocol can give us many advantages:
- Transparency and audit log;
- Standardization of communication;
- Portal for customers, where they can upload their inventory and orders;
- Solution for payments.

What are your relevant previous achievements?

The HydraWarehouse solution for warehouse automation is a recognized solution in Eastern and Central Europe, with a number of clients. Last years, we saw an opportunity into moving to the cloud, and working as a network provider of warehouse services (stocking, manipulation of goods, 3PL, delivery). We are an innovative team that follows new trends and technologies -

Describe your previous experience with the OriginTrail protocol.

No experience.

Describe the problem you are solving.

We are solving a logistic problem that is the lack of digital solutions in the supply chain, lack of standardized communication, lack of space and human resources. HydraWarehouse helps companies to better utilize their own logistic resources, and find proper resources if they need to outsource their logistic needs.

How do you plan to scale your idea?

We are in stage where we need to strengthen our team, add some new coworkers, and fix our sales process (new web, Pipedrive, Intercom, marketing automation).

Why should OriginTrail and our community choose your idea amongst others?

We are great fit as HydraWarehouse can provide real asset tracking in real time in warehouses and distribution centers. This is vital part of supply chain, and when we combine HydraWarehouse and Origintrail we get a full house in the market.