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Why we love working in the OriginTrail ecosystem

“Over the course of many years working with OriginTrail tech, I have gained an extensive knowledge in the field of Infrastructure. It takes a lot of dedication and an innovative mindset to deploy and maintain our systems while constantly ensuring their stability and readiness. I am extremely passionate about the challenge of working with such innovative technology!”

“Working as a Lead Blockchain Engineer is an incredible opportunity for my career growth. We get to work with cutting-edge technologies that are set to revolutionize the world. What's even better is the amazing support we receive from the OriginTrail community, who are genuinely interested in and appreciate the work we do.”

“I am fortunate to be part of a team that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration. The company's commitment to transparency, inclusiveness, and trust resonates with me deeply, and I am inspired every day to contribute to the growth and success of our groundbreaking projects.”

“Being part of the OriginTrail team has provided me with continuous professional improvement and growth in my career. I am particularly thrilled about the technology we are developing, as it lays a robust foundation for future technologies. Also, I am grateful to work alongside such amazing people who are forming part of our team.”

"Working at the forefront of global IT development with OriginTrail has been an incredible journey of growth and adaptation - working with the latest tech, communicating with different stakeholders, and troubleshooting challenges. I love the impact we are creating, the supportive work environment, and the stability it offers to me and my family."

“Being a project manager at OriginTrail, I find fulfillment in guiding teams, overcoming obstacles, and witnessing impactful OriginTrail solutions taking place. The constantly expanding OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph inspires me to create meaningful change and shape the future of trustworthy and verifiable solutions.”

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Open-source development

OriginTrail is open-source with public GitHub repository allowing everyone to use its code and build on it. We believe in transparency, collaboration, and community involvement, and we encourage innovation and knowledge sharing that can be freely used by individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Permisionless tech

OriginTrail networks are permissionless and open-source. This means that anyone can contribute to OriginTrail’s code and run nodes on the networks.


Working within the OriginTrail ecosystem means you have the opportunity to develop cutting edge technology with some of the best minds in Web3.

Building with community

The OriginTrail ecosystem knows no borders or limitations. Join a vibrant community built and operated by people just like you. Every little bit counts.

Global team

OriginTrail stands for fervent, intelligent, and diverse members spread across the globe, working together to create a world where Web3 is accessible to everyone worldwide.