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Ready to take advantage of the increasing food transparency trend?

Empowering quality food

We help build genuine transparency to stand out in the marketplace and increase trust in your brand

How it works?

OriginTrail allows food manufacturers to aggregate real-time data about the products in all stages of a supply chain - all the way from the farm to the store. It enables consumers to check the authenticity, quality, and safety of their food anytime, anywhere.

Building on 5 years of building transparency in food supply chains, we are now upgrading our solution by introducing blockchain-supported data sharing and developing a global decentralised platform. Seamless, secure and immutable data sharing along any supply chain are further enhancing trust, helping consumers and brands alike.

Who is it for


Let us take full advantage of the data you already collect to build transparency and increase trust in your brand. By tracking origin of your quality ingredients and finished product movement down the supply chain you will prove authenticity and stand out in the marketplace.


Effectively answer demands of shoppers online and offline for more transparency. Merge real-time data from partners along the entire supply chain to provide shoppers with trustworthy information on product authenticity at point of sale.


Take advantage of the care with which you select products served to your guests and show their exact origin effortlessly with OriginTrail. Use genuine transparency to tell the story from “farm-to-plate”and build trust in your service.

Test drive OriginTrail ingredient transparency

The selected products below are showcases of live ingredient transparency information being collected on a daily basis from our partners. Feel free to test other products by inputing their barcode and dates


OriginTrail is already helping supply chains around the world with


active trails today

Building on a market-proven solution

Shoppers kept asking us, where does the milk in our products originate from - which farm, which cow. Thanks to the OriginTrail solution, we were able to answer their questions and show the key difference from competitors.
Each year, food scandals hamper consumer confidence, thus knowing the origin of food indeed is their right. Already at this moment, there are differences among food producers in regard to the level of information we provide to consumers and we believe the importance of that will even increase in the future

Darja Teržan

Chief Marketing Officer Celeia Dairy

Marko Konič

Chief Executive Officer Natureta

OriginTrail Connections - China project

OriginTrail is partnering up with network of partners along the entire supply chain - quality producers in Europe and distributors, importers, retailers and restaurants in China that will provide real-time data in OriginTrail blockchain to ensure product authenticity.

Want to share the story of your products?

OriginTrail platform lets you communicate everything that makes your product special across all devices in a way that is the most in line with your goals and activities.

Our partners

Awards and recognitions

OriginTrail just received the Walmart Food Safety Innovation Spark Award in Beijing

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#SmartVillages initiative Panelist 2017
Food + City Challenge Prize (Austin, Texas) People’s Choice Award Winner 2017
Open Data Incubator for Europe Winner 2016
Belgrade Venture Forum Winner 2014

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