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First Purpose-built Protocol for Supply Chains Based on Blockchain

OriginTrail in the News


Supply chain process setup is obsolete in today’s interconnected world

Data fragmentation

There are many data siloes existing across the supply chain and even within organizations with low data interoperability. IT providers wanting to establish full supply chain visibility have no common ground for collaborative data exchange.

Inefficient decentralised solutions

There are no solutions that can provide the needed level of performance, scalability and trust for interconnected data in supply chains that are cost-effective. Current blockchain and decentralised solutions are very costly, do not provide advanced data relational functionalities and also have major scaling issues.

OriginTrail delivers

Interoperability and automatic data connection between multiple supply chain organizations, with consensus mechanisms ensuring integrity of data

A solution for performance, cost and scalability issues by providing a specialized decentralized system for supply chain data based on blockchain

Standards for data exchange

Providing interoperability by easy use of globally recognised GS1 standards for supply chain data exchange and common IoT protocols.

Consensus checks within supply chains

Ensuring data integrity by cross-reference checks of independently provided data within a supply chain by implementing consensus check algorithms utilizing zk-SNARKs for sensitive information.

OriginTrail seamless data sharing

The data layer of OriginTrail is based on a decentralised graph database to get the best flexibility, performance, scalability and cost-efficiency. It allows for fast and simple manipulation of complex hierarchical supply chain data.

Tamper proof blockchain agnostic system

OriginTrail utilizes blockchain of users choice to provide the data mutability protection layer.


More information on OriginTrail can be found in the following documents

Introducing the Trace token

an ERC20 compatible token on Ethereum

The Trace token is the means of compensation between supply chain data producers and data consumers on one side and the OriginTrail node holders on the other. It provides the incentive to the nodes in the peer to peer network to perform the system functionalities.

OriginTrail nodes are incentivised for performing:
  • Discover & Connect functionalities
  • Supply chain consensus checks
  • Data quality checks
  • Data replication checks
  • Data storage & management
  • Filtering & delivering supply chain data

OriginTrail is already helping supply chains around the world with


active trails today

Building on a market-proven solution

OriginTrail has had a clear vision from the moment we first met the team: To leverage data collected in food supply chain to create transparency. With the food industry’s dire need for disruptive technology to address food safety and transparency concerns, OriginTrail’s blockchain solution comes at the right time.
Shoppers kept asking us, where does the milk in our products originate from - which farm, which cow. Thanks to the OriginTrail solution, we were able to answer their questions and show the key difference from competitors.
Each year, food scandals hamper consumer confidence, thus knowing the origin of food indeed is their right. Already at this moment, there are differences among food producers in regard to the level of information we provide to consumers and we believe the importance of that will even increase in the future

Matilda Ho

Founder and Managing Director Bits x Bites

Darja Teržan

Chief Marketing Officer Celeia Dairy

Marko Konič

Chief Executive Officer Natureta


Tomaž Levak

Co-founder & CEO

On a mission of building transparency in supply chains since 2011. Managed tech projects in Europe & Middle East. H-Farm alum.

Žiga Drev

Co-founder & COO

Managing stakeholders in complex supply chain setups in Europe & Asia. Speaker on international conferences.

Branimir Rakić

Co-founder & CTO

Optimizing telecom networks since 2011, bringing supply chain on blockchain since 2016. Lecturer at SAE Institute, electronic music aficionado, H-Farm alum. MSc in Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Maja Voje


6 years of experience in marketing. Google & Rocket Internet alum, an international speaker, ran a Kickstarter campaign, a Udemy instructor. MSc degree in Business Administration.

Vladimir Lelićanin

Senior Software Lead & Product Owner

Software developer with 22 years of experience in extensive range of web and mobile technologies and complex applications. Academic lecturer for 7 years and Head of Department for Web Development at SAE Institute Belgrade.

Aleksandar Veljković

Blockchain & Cryptography Lead

Teaching assistant at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade. PhD candidate. Research topics: Blockchain & Big Data.

Nino Pirtovšek

Head of Business Development

Deloitte & PwC alum. Experience in corporate finance, capital markets, business optimization, reorganization, IBR's and audit.

Sava Savić

Data Interoperability Specialist

7 years of experience as Microsoft ERP consultant, 1 year as financial auditor in KPMG, solutions arhitect, business analyist & data integration. PhD candidate on statistical methods in E-business. Cryptominer.

Radomir Sebek

Software Testing Engineer

MSc in Software Engineering, context-driven, and eternal traveler. Skype and Native Instruments alum. 7+ years of experience in telecommunication, via music and automotive industry towards blockchain and IoT.

Žarko Stamenić

Head of Design & User Experience

Architect gone Digital. Combining timeless principles with the latest technology to enhance the product and customer experience.

Anže Voje

Head of PR & Communications

Communications specialist. 6 years of experience in communications of both corporate & blockchain projects. Master of Business Administration.

Ana Bevc

Head of Business Support & Executive Assistant

Experienced project & event manager. Crafting OriginTrail's messages since 2016.

Filip Radojković

Full Stack Developer

Software Engineer and JavaScript developer. Over 4 years of experience in development for web & mobile.

Nikita Abrashkin

Web developer

Experienced craftsman of the web, music and film.

Irena Čuturić

User Interface Designer

Fashion designer with experience in graphic design, digital art and illustration.

Aleksandra Jelenić

User Experience Designer

Faculty of Media and Communications, Digital Arts department. Over 3 years of experience in graphic design, photography, and videography.


John G. Keogh

Supply Chain Integrity & Standards Advisor

President & Managing Partner, Shantalla. Past: Global Director Product & Consumer Safety at GS1 Global Office. Speaker & Author on Transparency, Trust, Brand Protection, and Standards topics.

Tomaž Štolfa

Business Development Advisor

Entreprenur-in-Residence, Matrix Partners; Co-founder, Layer (TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield winner); past: Founder & CEO, Designing and building software platforms as a service.

Ken Lyon

Supply Chain Advisor

Managing Director, Virtual Partners; Past: VP & International Information Services Director, UPS Logistics Group. Focused on combining blockchain and additive manufacturing to logistics and supply chain management.

Peter Kaas

Technology Advisor

Partner, Preceding Ventures; Past: Partner & CTO, Lunatech Ventures. Strong appetite for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and crypto

Andrej Muževič

Business Development Advisor

Partner Interbora; CEO, Sigma Energy. Strong focus on Investment Management, Venture Capital, and Due Dilligence

Anthony Lai

Fintech Advisor

Senior director of UOB (Asian commercial bank), partner at Fintech connector & co-founder of Inspiar group/Petra. Past: Arthur Andersen, PwC, Royal Bank of Scotland Business and Deutsche Bank.

Srdjan Krčo

IoT Advisor

CEO, DunavNET; Past: Senior Research & Innovation Consultant, Ericsson. Founding member of IoT Forum, Member of Alliance for IoT Innovation.

Brigham Ricks

Legal Advisor

Founder & CEO, Pennywise P2P; Managing Attorney, IUURI Legal. 15 years of international legal experience.

Meet us at following events

We are looking forward to discuss more about decentralised networks and supply chains, share our experience and learn from the community.
OriginTrail meetup

10th January 2018

Hong Kong

OriginTrail Meetup

8th January 2018



4 - 5. December 2017

San Francisco, USA

Blockchain World Conference

4. December 2017

Bangkok, Thailand

Block Show

29 - 30. November 2017


Smart Data And The Food & FMCG Industry

28. November 2017



28. November 2017

New York City, USA

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain meetup

23. November 2017

Belgrade, Serbia

Walmart Food Safety

3. November 2017

Beijing, PRC

Naked Hub

2. November 2017

Beijing, PRC

Hong Kong Fintech Week

26 - 31. October 2017

Hong Kong


27. October 2017

San Francisco, USA

Blockchain 360

23 - 24. October 2017

New York City, USA

Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference

12. October 2017

Kiev, Ukraine

9984 Summit

5 - 6. October 2017

Berlin, Germany

Blockchain Solutions Forum

3 - 5. October 2017.

Barcelona, Spain

Summit The Rise of ICO

2-3. October 2017.

Linz, Austria

Decentralisation of Supply Chains

22. September

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Our partners

Awards and recognitions


OriginTrail just received the Walmart Food Safety Innovation Spark Award in Beijing

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#SmartVillages initiative Panelist 2017
#SmartVillages initiative Panelist 2017
Food + City Challenge Prize (Austin, Texas) People’s Choice Award Winner 2017
Food + City Challenge Prize (Austin, Texas) People’s Choice Award Winner 2017
Open Data Incubator for Europe Winner 2016
Open Data Incubator for Europe Winner 2016
Belgrade Venture Forum Winner 2014
Belgrade Venture Forum Winner 2014