OriginTrail protocol brings trusted data sharing to global supply chains by utilizing blockchain technology. The OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN) is built for data integrity and validation in inter-organizational environments, based on globally recognized standards and powerful graph data structures. With existing use cases across different industries, OriginTrail is a foundation for the next generation of business applications.

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OriginTrail Solution Stack

Application Layer

Provides seamless integration for a broad ecosystem of supply chain management tools. Decentralized applications (dapps) on top of OriginTrail increase efficiency and integrity in supply chain management, insurance, banking, and other industries.

ODN Data layer

A highly performant, decentralized, graph database connects data sets across supply chains. Interoperability is ensured by global standards for data exchange, while sensitive data is protected using a zero knowledge privacy sublayer.

ODN Network layer

OriginTrail has vastly improved scalability with its own off-blockchain network. A decentralized network of nodes enables key blockchain-like capabilities that are relevant for supply chains focused on data governance and accessibility.

Blockchain layer

Each data set is immutably fingerprinted on the blockchain with cryptographic hashes. By virtualizing the blockchain layer, OriginTrail can be used with different blockchains. This ensures flexibility and longevity of the protocol.

Value Propositions

Live Use Cases in Diverse Industries: Explore Endless Implementation.


Supply Chain Integrity

Ensuring the extraction of value from end-to-end transparency

Supply Chain Management

Opportunities for more efficient operations across the supply chain


Aligning the evidence through standards and controls



OriginTrail enables tracing back to the farm, allowing quality food producers to showcase their ingredients.

Fast-moving consumer goods

Integration of IoT-data, combined with the blockchain-based integrity, helps with brand protection and fraud prevention.


Forensic laboratories are using OriginTrail’s blockchain layer to ensure the secure distribution of data.


Our partnership with the BTC Logistic Center entails exploring new possibilities for blockchain-powered supply chain management.



Shoppers kept asking us, where does the milk in our products originate from - which farm, which cow. Thanks to the OriginTrail solution, we were able to answer their questions and show the key difference from competitors.

Each year, food scandals hamper consumer confidence, thus knowing the origin of food indeed is their right. Already at this moment, there are differences among food producers in regard to the level of information we provide to consumers and we believe the importance of that will even increase in the future

The blockchain ecosystem is thriving, and its applicability to agri-food is becoming evident. OriginTrail is leading this area with demonstrated use case examples, sound technical leadership and deep subject matter expertise.

Darja Teržan

Chief Marketing Officer, Celeia Dairy
Marko Konič

Chief Executive Officer, Natureta
Cameron Scadding

Executive Chairman, Source Certain International

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