From supply chains to AI

OriginTrail launched its trusted knowledge foundation in 2018 to enhance trust and transparency in supply chains worldwide. The company's latest AI framework aims to establish trust in AI solutions through a knowledge-based approach.
First purpose built protocol for supply chains based on blockchain

Whitepaper 1.0

A comprehensive guide to understanding the purpose, functionality, and technical details of the OriginTrail protocol, aiming to revolutionize supply chain management by enabling transparent, secure, and trusted data exchange across supply chains.
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OriginTrail ecosystem whitepaper 2.0

Whitepaper 2.0

OriginTrail enabled secure sharing of information across a universe of data sources, and united users who previously lacked adequate data management tools. In the Web3 era, OriginTrail's validation of core principles, coupled with a strong ecosystem, delivered the right technology.
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The trusted knowledge foundation for the age of AI

Whitepaper 3.0

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