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The Trace token sale was successfully carried out on January 17, 2018. Trace tokens (ticker: TRAC) are now exchangeable on the secondary market through various exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance.US, Huobi, KuCoin, Bittrex Global, Uniswap, Bancor, BitMart, Changelly, HitBTC and IDEX. Follow our official social media channels for additional updates on listings and ways to obtain TRAC.

OriginTrail has always used two tokens for running OriginTrail DKG. As a layer 2 network created on top of the consensus (blockchain) layer, it has initially been deployed on Ethereum, Polygon and Gnosis (using ETH, MATIC and DAI as gas tokens respectively). As a multichain network, the long term goal is to keep expanding the number of supported blockchains.

In 2022, after winning the Polkadot parachain auction, a first DKG-tailored blockchain network called NeuroWeb was deployed. Similar to Ethereum, Polygon and Gnosis, the OriginTrail DKG is operating as a layer 2 network on top of the new NeuroWeb. Both OriginTrail DKG and NeuroWeb operate as separate networks, each powered by its own respective token - TRAC and Neuro.

TRAC is an essential utility token that powers the OriginTrail ecosystem. As the layer-2 token, it is required to perform all operations on the DKG, making it the lifeblood of the entire network. TRAC drives the following key components of the ecosystem:

  • Publishing and updating assets,
  • Serving as collateral on OriginTrail nodes,
  • Delegating to nodes,
  • Staking on keywords,
  • Knowledge tokens, knowledge wallets, the knowledge marketplace, and knowledge tenders,
  • Data marketplace.

As the NeuroWeb layer-1 token, Neuro is designed as a dual-purpose gas and reward token by incentivizing the growth of the OriginTrail DKG on the NeuroWeb. It is crucial to the functioning of the parachain by:

  • Serving as a gas token for network transactions,
  • Incentivizing and delegating to collators,
  • Incentivizing DKG users on the NeuroWeb,
  • Governance and voting,
  • Allowing for graph contracts.

You can learn more about both tokens in the OriginTrail's whitepaper 2.0.

TRAC is an ERC20 token that can be stored in any EVM compatible wallet such as MetaMask or hardware wallets such as Ledger or Trezor.

Neuro is an NeuroWeb native token that can be stored on Polkadot.js extension or Talisman. Ledger wallet support is in development so please follow our official channels to learn about the official release date.

OriginTrail’s DKG is a permissionless, trustless and open-source project where all parties can contribute and collaborate to improve the ecosystem.

Community members and token holders are able to participate in running DKG nodes, publish assets, stake on DKG keywords and more to come. You can also join our discussion channels on Telegram and Discord to find out more.

Developers looking to delve into the power of the Decentralized Knowledge Graph to shape the future of Web3, AI and more can review our code on GitHub, consult OriginTrail’s documentation and start building on the DKG right away. Trace Labs is also hiring and you can submit your application here!

Businesses looking for a personalized solution to derive value from their data and turning them into discoverable, verifiable and valuable Knowledge Assets, can visit our Trace Labs website and explore our real-world solutions.

The OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph has been used to develop solutions for a variety of industries and purposes, such as pharma industry, food industry, construction industry, international trade, factory audits, decentralized data marketplaces, and others. You can find more solutions under the Solutions section on the website or on our blog.

Open-source and permissionless with a public GitHub repository, OriginTrail enables anyone to access its code for utilization and provide contributions for further development. OriginTrail ecosystem comes together under a non-profit Trace Alliance organization - a partnership hub with over 150 members worldwide. This is how we collaborate on diverse Decentralized Knowledge Graph topics, exchanging knowledge, experiences, and networking for new opportunities. Trace Labs - OriginTrail’s core developers - has partnered or gained support from world-class organizations, such as British Standards Institution, SCAN, Polkadot, Parity, Walmart, World Federation of Hemophilia, Oracle, EU Commission’s Next Generation Internet, to advance OriginTrail trusted knowledge foundation and make it useful within trillion dollar industries.

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