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Framework for efficiently searching, accessing and utilizing trusted knowledge with AI tools.

The rise of AI tools

ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing, and Google Bard – AI tools that are widely used today – have radically increased productivity and caused significant disruptions in various industries. As useful as these tools may be, they come with two major drawbacks:



Today’s AI tools often hallucinate, marking their task, but confidently providing the wrong answers to questions.


Data provenance

Without any verifiable provenance of the underlying data, answers are difficult to trust.

ChatDKG. The AI-powered search you can verify.

Built with open-source components, the AI-powered ChatDKG search uses Knowledge Assets as the underlying source of knowledge. This eliminates misinformation and enables users to verify the information provenance used to answer their question. Combined with the ability to search both proprietary and public knowledge, it’s as powerful as it gets - and it’s coming soon.

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