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OriginTrail has been on a mission to bring transparency to complex international supply chains since 2013. The founders started working on a provenance tracking application back in their college days. As they successfully tackled the interoperability challenges faced by the Slovenian food industry, their efforts got recognized at the Open Data Incubator for Europe and Food+City Challenge.

The year 2016 was a game-changing one for OriginTrail. It was then that the founders recognized blockchain technology’s potential to ensure the trustworthiness of data in provenance tracking systems used by thousands of consumers. This was a breaking point in answering the question “How do you make sure that data does not get tampered with?”

In 2017 and 2018, the OriginTrail team started to plan an OriginTrail open-source protocol and decentralized network for the purpose of bringing transparency to international supply chains. The solution got significant traction in China, where it was awarded the Innovation Spark Award by the Walmart Food Safety Innovation Center.

The usability of the technology was recognized in other verticals and industries as well. OriginTrail developed new use cases and launched the Trace Alliance, a non-profit association which connects businesses, the public sector, academics and technology companies in the field of blockchain research and the creation of practical solutions primarily for supply chains.

The on-going development of cutting-edge technologies, and the ever-increasing interest of businesses to adopt our solution, makes us optimistic that our vision of transparent and efficient global supply chains is being fulfilled one fingerprint to the blockchain at a time.


Offices: Ljubljana, Belgrade,

Hong Kong


Members of the Trace Alliance


Companies in the technology

adoption process


Tomaž Levak

Co-founder & CEO

On a mission to build transparency in supply chains since 2011. Managed tech projects in Europe and the Middle East. H-Farm alum. Member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance Supply Chain working group.

Žiga Drev

Co-founder & COO

Žiga was instrumental in introducing GS1 standards of EPCIS to OriginTrail’s service. He has helped build relationships with industry stakeholders and is leading projects in the Asian markets. He frequently speaks at international events and also advises blockchain startups within the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition.

Branimir Rakić

Co-founder & CTO

MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, foodie and maker. Optimizing telecom networks since 2011 and bringing the blockchain to supply chains since 2016. Part-time lecturer at SAE Institute, electronic music aficionado, and H-Farm alum.


John G. Keogh

Supply Chain Integrity & Standards Advisor

President & Managing Partner, Shantalla. Past: Global Director Product & Consumer Safety at GS1 Global Office. Speaker & Author on Transparency, Trust, Brand Protection, and Standards topics.

Ken Lyon

Supply Chain Advisor

Managing Director, Virtual Partners; Past: VP & International Information Services Director, UPS Logistics Group. Focused on combining blockchain and additive manufacturing to logistics and supply chain management.

Anthony Lai

Fintech Advisor

Senior director of UOB (Asian commercial bank), partner at Fintech connector & co-founder of Inspiar group/Petra. Past: Arthur Andersen, PwC, Royal Bank of Scotland Business and Deutsche Bank.

Tomaž Štolfa

Business Development Advisor

Entreprenur-in-Residence, Matrix Partners; Co-founder, Layer (TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield winner); past: Founder & CEO, Vox.io. Designing and building software platforms as a service.

Srdjan Krčo

IoT Advisor

CEO, DunavNET; Past: Senior Research & Innovation Consultant, Ericsson. Founding member of IoT Forum, Member of Alliance for IoT Innovation.

Andrew Webster

Supply Chain Risk Management Advisor

Partner, Jardine Lloyd Thompson (UK). Past: UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and private companies (Inchcape Shipping Services, Savi Technology, etc.). 30 years of experience in broking and supply chain.

Peter Kaas

Technology Advisor

Partner, Preceding Ventures; Past: Partner & CTO, Lunatech Ventures. Strong appetite for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and crypto

Andrej Muževič

Business Development Advisor

Partner Interbora; CEO, Sigma Energy. Strong focus on Investment Management, Venture Capital, and Due Dilligence

Brigham Ricks

Legal Advisor

Founder & CEO, Pennywise P2P; Managing Attorney, IUURI Legal. 15 years of international legal experience.


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