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Frequently asked questions

About OriginTrail

What is OriginTrail?

OriginTrail is the first purpose-built protocol or supply chains based on the blockchain. It is the only scalable solution for data management across complex supply chains through purpose-built decentralized graph database.

What is the project’s roadmap?

OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN) will enable sharing data along any supply chain as a simple plug-and-play solution. You can find the roadmap on our website.

Which blockchain is OriginTrail using?

OriginTrail is blockchain agnostic and can be used with any blockchain. Pilot projects and existing use cases are implemented on the Ethereum public blockchain.

About the Token Sale

What is the Token Sale?

OriginTrail ecosystem will be fueled by its own “TRACE” token that will be an incentive for data processing on the nodes. In the Token Sale, or Token Generating Event (TGE), 50% of the token supply will be offered to the public.

How can I participate in the Token Sale?

Priority access to the Token Sale will be offered to members of our community in the presale. Whitelist for the presale is already full. Presale will be followed by the crowdsale. Be aware of potential scams and phishing sites - please send your contribution only to the address that will be published in your dashboard and check if the site uses the secure connection (https).

What are the minimum and maximum contributions?

The minimum contribution in the presale is 5 ETH and in the crowdsale is 0.5 ETH. Crowdsale will start immediately after the presale's cap of USD 10 million will be reached. No single contributor will be allowed to get access to more than 1% of total Trace supply.

Will the TRACE token be mineable?

No, all tokens will be pre-mined.

Will the token be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges?

The OriginTrail team is focused on making sure that the development of the protocol will be on time and that Trace token will be used in that environment as soon as possible. That being said, Trace is, of course, also a transferable asset and as such can be listed on exchanges. Given the fact that Trace is also not a security could make such listings easier. However, this largely depends on token demand within the community and exchanges. The team will be proactive in the process, but we cannot announce any dates or exchanges yet.

Which currencies do you accept in the Token Sale?

Ether (ETH) is the only currency that will be accepted. You should make your contribution ONLY from your private ERC20-compatible wallet (such as MyEtherWallet)! Please DON'T make the transaction to the token sale directly from an online exchange (e.g. Bitstamp, Kraken, BIttrex, Coinbase...) - in that case you cannot receive Trace tokens in return!

It says my KYC validation pending, what is that?

Our legal team is working hard to process the applications as soon as they can. But it is manual work, and we have a lot of applications coming in, so at the moment the KYC process takes a few days. We kindly ask for some patience.

Are US or Canadian residents/nationals eligible to participate in the token sale?

Citizens and permanent residents of the United States and Canada may only participate in the token sale if they supply evidence of their status as accredited investors. If you are an accredited investor, you are welcome to apply for whitelisting using the same form. After that, the legal team performing the KYC (Iuuri) will contact you for an additional proof, so make sure you don't miss their email. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for details:

Can I still apply for the presale?

Thanks for your interest! You can still apply for whitelisting - the same application is valid for all stages of the token sale. Our whitelist for first 24 hours of presale is already full, but everyone who gets their KYC verified will have a chance to purchase unsold presale tokens on a first-come-first-serve basis. We will notify the users who will get the early access when ETH:TRAC peg is made, latest on 14th of Jan.

How much discount can I get in presale?

The highest possible discount in presale is 20%. But please note that the whitelist for presale is already full. You can find more about the bonus structure in this blog post.

Do I need to be whitelisted for the crowdsale as well?

Yes! We need to perform KYC for every contributor in the crowdsale as well. Please apply as soon as you are ready because the KYC might take a couple of days and the crowdsale can start as soon after the presale's hard cap is reached.

When will the tokens be distributed?

Tokens will be distributed within a week after the end of the crowdsale - the latest on February 19th.

How many TRAC tokens do I get for 1 ETH?

TRAC will be pegged to ETH shortly before the presale begins (15 January).

What is the founders' and team members' vesting schedule?

Founders’ vesting schedule is together with the team, receiving 12,5% of their tokens every 3 months over first two years.

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