Kickstart Your Supply Chain Project with OriginTrail

⅔ of world’s GDP is generated in supply chains. Businesses see supply chains as the most prominent use of the blockchain technology.


The OriginTrail open-source protocol brings trusted data sharing to global supply chains by utilizing blockchain technology. The OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN) is built for data integrity and validation in inter-organizational environments, based on globally recognized standards and powerful graph data structures. With existing use cases across different industries, OriginTrail is a foundation for the next generation of business applications.


The OriginTrail protocol ensures the compatibility of data between different IT systems (SAP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft …) as well as with other blockchain solutions. It enables businesses to seamlessly share and secure data, bringing new clarity to complex supply chains. By bridging different technologies, it provides an incredible foundation for companies to build their blockchain-powered business models and enterprise solutions on.

Boost Your Project Through Our Open Call

Get up to USD 30,000 worth of TRAC tokens
Hands-on mentorship
On-premises workshop with the OriginTrail team
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We will select 10 most promising use cases for supply chains and guide companies in starting to use the OriginTrail protocol.

We are looking for teams who have the potential to transform global supply chains with the help of OriginTrail. The OriginTrail ecosystem, combined with your industry expertise, and access to our mentorship, will enable you to put your idea in the spotlight and boost your business. The world’s most talented teams will get hands-on support to ideate and experiment with new business models and unlock new value for the global supply chain industry and seize its huge potential.

We welcome projects from the following fields

Supply Chain Integrity

Supply Chain Management

Data Ownership

Trade Finance



10 winning projects
USD 135,000 in awards

We are Working With a Variety of Teams

IT companies

Research Institutes


Other initiatives working on supply chain solutions

Meet External Committee Members

We are presenting you with business model and innovation experts trio that will help us get the best projects in front of the community.


Petar Savić

Supreme Factory Founder

Startup Grind Europe, London and Malta Co-Director


John G. Keogh

President & Managing Principal at Shantalla Inc. Toronto, Canada & Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Chairman of Trace Alliance


Mark Kalin

Management Board Member in European Blockchain Hub

Assistant of Chief Innovation and Digital Officer, BTC d.d.