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What is the solution you are building and how is it addressing the problem?

Phy2TRACE intends to address these problems:
(1) Through digital transformation of phytopharma value chains in simple, smart and holistic way.

(2) By transforming vertically integrated value chains into knowledge-intensive networks.

(3) By introducing transparency and traceability of product-related flows, information-related flows, actors-related flows and money-related flows.

Ethereum blockchain-based infrastructure is used to create a global market for three unique technological solutions:

  • PhytOpp, digitized marketplace for suppliers and buyers, secured by the blockchain that gives to non-trusting parties to transact with each other by relying on a familiar source of digital truth. Supply and demand are balancing, interactions between the producers and suppliers are simplified, dispersed market is unified, easy access to market for numerous farmers and small producers enables them to start driving revenue instead of just passively support profits of manufacturers. With an increase in the traceability, quality and orders’ volume, the prices are reduced for consumers, health system cost optimized.
  • PhytApp, end user application, tailored for Android/iOS devices. It guides users towards right product-related decision. PhytApp makes use of the Phy2TRACE knowledge base created through PhytOpp framework and enriches its contents with end-user preferences and an accurate representation of the actual product. PhytApp aims to become a personal memory, tracer, and advisor for users, including a warning for adverse events of phytopharma products.
  • Phy2Trace Knowledge Base links both applications. Information about actors and products are collected through PhytOpp and enriched with end-users feedbacks collected via PhytApp, to create a knowledge intensive base running on big-data analytics and enabling Phy2TRACE to develop smart approach towards meeting the needs of Phy2TRACE users.

Describe how the OriginTrail protocol fits in with your solution architecture?

To ensure that information stored in the system is not tampered with, PhytOpp relies on OriginTrail protocols. The data itself is hosted on a peer-to-peer network, handled by OriginTrail, which uses Trace token as compensation. Further to this, having in mind that exchange of information in B2B market is sensitive, data consensus check feature will be used to establish data integrity in a value chain to protect company data as well as other data records during information exchange, storing it in decentralized graph database. Except data integrity, the OriginTrail will be integrated for data control by performing consensus checks, zero-knowledge proof validation and data encryption. In addition, OriginTrail will provide to Phy2TRACE with data interoperability, having in mind that protocol is based on industry data exchange standards implemented in the decentralized database structure, which will enable further expansion on horizontal B2B market through easier integration.

What are your relevant previous achievements?

Phy2 TRACE is building on 80 years of cumulative experiences in phytopharma, biotech and network business. Co Founders, Mateja and Zorica have been working together since 2006, and they teamed with Ana in 2017. Srdjan joins the team in 2018. Being a spin-off of Anteja ECG Phy2 TRACE takes advantage of decades of experience in value chains, clusters, platforms and a global network of industrial and market leaders, NGOs, institutes, and universities such as MIT and Harvard. Anteja is a member of the consortium that conducted the Pilot Project „Internet of Wood“ (IoW) in Slovenia (consortium Abelium, Area, Anteja, Microsoft Slovenia d.o.o.): scalable IT platform for the forest-based sector in Slovenia.

CO PoliMaT, brought together dispersed capacities of Slovenian industry and research in the field of polymers and build the global biopolymer network comprised important institutions and firms from US, Europe, and Africa and introduce the most advanced networks tools, such as biopolymer workshop, talent camp, triple bottom-up impacts.
Poly4EmI , EU flagship project on emerging industries and value chain successfully brings together about 300 SMEs and institution under the umbrella of the biobased industry.
TRANSALP and Danubiovalnet are the front-runners in the transformation of the Phytopharma industry. Phy2trace lead the value chain mapping and platform design in both projects.

Describe your previous experience with the OriginTrail protocol.

DunavNET, as our partner in this call, is experienced with OriginTrail and have previously used it in the TagItWine solution to provide transparency for wine data. The QR codes were written in the blockchain providing an additional layer of security against counterfeiting of products. The idea of a digital ecosystem was tested with Origin Trail. Phy2TRACE is a member of the Trace Alliance and a working relationship is established. .

Describe the problem you are solving.

The phytopharma market is huge and booming in both developed and developing countries. The Global Market for phytopharma is approximately USD 72 billion in 2015 and is expected to grow further at CAGR of 14.88% to reach USD 7 trillion by 2050. Europe is the largest phyto product market worth USD 7.5 billion. In the European market, Germany has a share more than 50% (USD 4 billion). Today, value chains in phytopharma are:

(1) mechanically organized around physical resources and designed to enable linear and sequential relations;

(2) dominated by old-fashioned and outdated business models that create information silos, disconnection of raw materials suppliers and manufacturers, jeopardize efficiency and disable system thinking.

(3) characterized by asymmetric information for decision making, non-traceability of products and fragile trust.

How do you plan to scale your idea?

Phy2trace is using lean innovation practice and continues commercialization with developing and validating scalable growth strategy. East Africa Case includes the network of 30000 cultivators, extended with actors in end-market that use their products. Pilot case serve to develop a demonstration models for PhytOpp and PhytApp. It is expected that by the mid 2019 proof of concept will be achieved and beta version of PhytOpp launched. Our ambition is to build first world-wide marketplace. A scalable model involving the development of a multi-local digital marketplace in first two years, covering the countries – major producer of MAPs (SouthEast Europe, China, Africa) and linked them with countries – major producers and end markets of phytoproducts (EU, USA. Japan). However, the model is yet to be developed and verified. Building such market is extremely challenging. We will repeatable launch new farmers hubs, link them to major buyers, established quality -trusted brand.

Why should OriginTrail and our community choose your idea amongst others?

Phy2TRACE is well-versed in the Phytopharma ecosystem - about the players, all interactions among them, business and regulatory challenges, the actual needs and expectations of customers. This creates value for OrginTrail, which builds its product, to implement it in the real world and real firms, and specially to apply the solution to make the relationships within the networks of firms more efficient and effective.

The Phy2TRACE offer the best possible case, e.g. ecosystem to be linked with the OriginTrail. The Phy2trace reckons on the increasing health awareness of the customers and increased accessibility of digital infrastructure. The partnership with OriginTrail can exploit synergies that are hard to match in global scale.

Phy2trace brings in the partnership about 1000 users globally in 2019 who can test and proof origin trail protocols. OriginTrail provides Phy2trace with tokens to enable powerful testing bed.