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Token sale

Contribution phases


Nov 14th - Jan 14th

All contributors to the presale need to have their wallet addresses whitelisted through OriginTrail website form.

What is a whitelist?


Jan 15th - Jan 28th

Or when the hard cap is reached.

Presale will be running for two weeks with weekly decreasing discounts. Hard cap for presale is set at $10 m. First 24 hours of presale are reserved for individuals within first 10M committed on the white list.

When hard cap is reached presale closes and crowdsale begins.

Minimum contribution



Jan 29th at latest - Feb 12th

Crowdsale will immediately follow the presale and will continue for further two weeks or until the total hard cap of $22.5 m is reached.

Minimum contribution

0.5 ETH

Please read the General Terms and Conditions of Token Generation to be familiar with all the legal details. We cannot accept contributions from nationals or residents of following countries: China and South Korea. Any whitelist applications from these countries will be rejected. US and Canadian nationals are allowed to participate only if they are accredited investors.

Key terms of the token sale

  • Total tokens minted at distribution: 500,000,000 Traces
  • Minimum contribution target (soft cap): $5 million (all periods)
  • Development target: $10 million (all periods)
  • Total target (hard cap): $22.5 million (all periods)
  • Tokens on public offering: 250,000,000 Traces
  • ICO price of token: 1 Trace = $0.10
  • Trace token ticker: TRAC



All funds collected above the development target will be used to set up regional presence through opening offices and awarding use-cases on the platform (details on both in roadmap section). The distribution of funds between the two is 60% for use-case awards and 40% for regional offices expenses.