OriginTrail Main Network Vostok

Dear Community Members,

By submitting your data in the form below, you are applying to be eligible to join the OriginTrail Vostok Mainnet (i.e. run your own OriginTrail node). Instructions on how to set up your node are available here.

Important notice:

You need to install and setup the node, as well as obtain some TRAC and ETH to enable node operations, before you apply to become part of the network. This is a requirement for obtaining your ERC 725 identity and Node ID, both of which you need in order to fill out the form below.

You also need to join our Discord channel to stay up to date with important updates to the network. If you require some help, you can contact us via tech@origin-trail.com.

Application form to Participate in OriginTrail Node Network